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Choose a CBG from below or design your own and contact Nigel to order I  am currently not doing any custom builds.   McTrustry CBGs in Sunburst shop in Coogee, Sydney

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Below is a selection of our handmade cigar box guitars. The first step is to have a look at the examples below and choose your own design.  Then Contact Nigel to order. We use only quality parts and do not use piezo pickups. Each CBG is branded and serialised and we guarantee our work. Prices include postage and handling for all states. We also post internationally. Contact Nigel for international postage prices.
Wondering about frets? A fretless, slide instrument is easier to play because there are no chord shapes or fingerings to learn. It’s all open tuning and you follow the dots (fret markers) on the neck with the slide to make chords. The original CBGs were all slide instruments. They didn’t have the technology to fret them and that’s where that blues tone comes fromthe slide. It’s about keeping it simple and raw and uncomplicated. Nigel only makes fretless guitars but we now stock fretted CBGs from J Lee Guitars if you are after something fretted.   Contact Nigel
  McTrustry cigar box guitars in Sydney  

To create a unique instrument with an individual sound, choose from a variety of:

  • Pick-ups, including humbucker pickups (a more grungy sound e.g. Les Paul), handwound three pole pickups (stripped back, raw blues sound) and single coil pickups (clean, warm tones e.g. Fender, Strat/Tele);
  • Woods for necks; and
  • Cigar boxes from around the world.
Contact Nigel so we can make the cigar box guitar that you want.
Hear Nigel play his cigar box guitars on the ‘Resources’ page or on my youtube channel.
CBG lessons McTrustry Cigar Box Guitars offers both free how-to-play videos and cigar box guitars lessons via Skype or one on one in Brisbane to have you strumming like a Bluesman/woman in no time and to keep you inspired. CBG lessons will be tailored to your level whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced. We want to make sure you are not only happy with your CBG but can go out there and impress your friends and family (and yourself).            

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"I received the guitar. It’s a great little instrument – well made. It sounds really good through a little grunge amp that I have" Read more...