500 cigar box guitars

I’ve been busy in the workshop and am really happy to say that I’ve passed the 500 mark. Yes, 500 of my cigar box guitars are out in the world and my hope is that they’re all being played if not daily then at least with joy whenever they are being played. It’s a cliche, but music really does feed the soul. A massive thank you to all of you who have helped me on this journey: the buyers, the players, the builders, my friends and family, and the rest of you who inhabit the cigar box guitar and blues tribes around the world.


Cigar box guitar gift certificates

I’ve had a number of inquiries lately about whether I offer gift certificates. Well, yes I do. You can now buy a gift certificate and your loved one can choose the design they like. Contact me at nigel@cigarboxguitarsaustralia.com for more info.



I love building my guitars. But I really LOVE playing them and I’m looking forward to playing at these fantastic events/gigs coming up:

Sat, 17 October – The Numinbah Valley Stomp: Numinbah Valley School of Arts Community Hall: 


Sun, 1 November – Grassroots Festival, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens:

Sat, 28 November at The Royal Mail Hotel at Goodna, Brisbane, in the afternoon
Thurs, 3 December at Sonny’s House of Blues in Brisbane city

Play your cigar box guitar

I also want to give a big shout-out to all of you who have subscribed to my Youtube channel. I love making the videos specifically for the cigar box guitar (and will make another couple really soon!) and hope that you’re getting something (big or small) from them.

Click here for my Youtube channel and to listen to some good ole cigar box guitar blues.


Thanks for your support.

All the best



Nigel McTrustry

McTrustry Cigar Box Guitars



6 Responses to Cigar box guitar music

  • Al Williams says:

    Congratulations on the amount of builds. I’m 73, surviving cancer, and have just started on the hobby, and have got the bug. I’ve finished two guitars, both sound good, the first one out of a smoked salmon box, the second, two HQ Holden hub caps. Just got to learn to play them. It’s great therapy, and would advise anyone in a similar situation who enjoys music to do something similar. Regards ~ Al

    • cigarbox says:

      Hi Al, that’s great mate. I just finished a cigar box guitar blues gig and there’s no doubt there’s something special about them. They really draw people in. I’ve come across so many people who get so much joy out of them whether they’re building, playing or just listening to them. Keep practicing and you’ll start getting a good sound out of it. All the best, Nigel

  • Garry Paynting says:

    Congrats man on the 500 guitar mark, a great achievement.
    And i always enjoy your youtube clips.
    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers Garry

  • Graham Alibone says:

    500+ tuition, your the Man, love all your postings. Much respect. Anytime if you come to the UK you can stay with us. Take care. ‘fingers’.

    • cigarbox says:

      Thanks Fingers. It’s definitely addictive. We plan on being over in the UK next year so will stay in touch. All the best, Nigel

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