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Welcome to the cigar box guitar revolution!

Nigel and Margaret are the owners and operators of McTrustry Cigar Box Guitars. Their passion is music and well-made instruments and their vision is to spread cigar box guitar blues ‘n’ grooves to the world.


Why McTrustry Cigar Box Guitars will help you become an inspired cigar box guitar musician

We love the Blues and we love the stripped-back, raw power of the cigar box guitar. Our dream is for you to experience the foot-stompin’, heart-lifting music of the CBG. We are here to help you choose the perfect instrument for you or a loved one, to get you playing the CBG and keep you inspired. In this way, we provide:

  • information about different types of cigar box guitars (pick-ups, woods, boxes and so on)
  • ‘how-to-play’ CBG videos for different songs and riffs
  • one-on-one lessons to work on your technique
  • tips on tunings, strings, and how to look after your cigar box guitar
  • the basics of 12 bar blues
  • ongoing inspiration for the Blues and the cigar box guitar.

Please Contact Nigel for more information about how we can help you.

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A bit about us…

In 2012, Nigel and Margaret made the decision to take a leap in the direction of their dreams. Nigel gave up his day job as an electrician and they set off on a European tour with Nigel’s CBGs. They haven’t looked back. They continue to travel around Australia with their two young children (and are planning more overseas adventures soon) with their instruments.

More about Nigel

Nigel McTrustry is a travelling Bluesman and his weapon of choice is his 3-string slide cigar box guitar. His performances include an organic mix of hypnotic, trance, rhythm and grooves that takes traditional blues and roots into new territory. This is original music with the emphasis on “Origin”. Stripped back and raw! Hand crafting each of his guitars, Nigel is at the forefront of the cigar box guitar revolution. Recent performances include The Howlin’ Wolf Bar, The Royal Mail at Goodna, World Music Forum in Brisbane, Agnes Waters Blues and Roots Festival , Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, Great Southern Blues Festival (Narooma), the French Cigar Box Guitar Festival (Paris) and the Mojo Blues Bar (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Nigel’s love of music comes from over 20 years experience playing in bands around Australia and overseas. His organic mix of harmonica, guitar, and stomp has evolved with the inclusion now of his own hand-crafted cigar box guitars.

cigar box guitars

As a cigar box guitar craftsman, Nigel sources his parts from guitar, music, hardware, plumbing and electronic stores. He also scours antique shops in the hope of finding pieces that will give each of his CBGs something special. The cigar boxes come from all around the world from Finland to Cuba. As a musician, he knows how to get the best sounds out of his instruments and knows the importance of a well-crafted cigar box guitar.


Originally from Wollongong, a coastal city one hour south of Sydney, Nigel developed as a musician playing with his band at parties, in garages, lounge rooms, on drive ways, halls and pubs in the early/mid 80s.

Fifteen years of travelling the world with his backpack and guitar followed, where Nigel immersed himself into various cultures and music scenes. Nigel’s music and lyrics embrace the wild, raw integrity of his retro influences from early bluesmen to the great singer songwriters of the 60s and 70s.

His first EP, ‘Excursions’, was recorded in Brisbane, Australia and captures his distinctive sound, which continues to evolve with the introduction of the primal Cigar Box Guitar into his set. There’s a revolution happening here people!

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