'Honey Waite'

SOLD but can build similar (build time approx. 3 wk) - Contact Nigel

2 string slide cigar box guitar bass

Partagas Cuban cigar box

Mini humbucker pickup

Antique key bridge

Wenge (African rosewood) and Tassie Oak neck

Scale: 30 1/4 inch

Price: $550 (incl. p&h)

A slide can be purchased for $20 (see below)


Price: $0.00

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2 Responses to ‘Honey Waite’ Bass CBG

  • Geof says:

    G’day from the north side of town, Nigel –
    I’m curious about the tuning used on your 2 string cigar box basses. I see 2 models listed; do you recommend tape wound strings for these. Also – are there dot markers along the side of the fingerboard in lieu of fret marker lines. I am trying to discover a beautiful simple instrument that can come close to the sound of my lovely old double bass (any music beyond W.W.2 is modern for me…). Hope that all is fabu with you –
    P.S.: congrats upon those pearler instruments, mate.

    • cigarbox says:

      Hi Geof
      Yes the 2 string basses are fun. Root note and fifth works well. G D, A E, D A, etc Octaves is fun. No rules.
      I use the A and D string. Yes there are fret markers. Flat wound would work better. i have round wound on mine.
      Hope to be at West end Mkt this sat. again. You are welcome to come and check it out and have a play.

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