Here's a couple of photos from a recent trip to Fiji. I'll definitely be making some cigar box guitar ukes soon – as my little girl said, how come the ukelele men

follow us everywhere? They were in the restaurant, in the bar, at the airport, at my bro-in-law's wedding…

ps scroll down below photos for more happenings.

The Uke Men (above)

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After getting back from Fiji, I had a gig at the Tattersall's

in Lismore – great night especially after hooking up with an old friend and band mate, Pat Curley. Pat was in my very first band, which we formed in about 1984. It's been

about 15 years or so since we played together and it was kinda weird looking across and seeing him there. But Pat just fell right in effortlessly. It was also inspiring to play with Scotty B on drums and Gary Martin on harp. Here's a link to our version of Spoonful, a blues classic:

Spoonful – Nigel McTrustry

Also, gearing up for our stall at the Gympie Muster – lots of new cigar box guitars. Looking forward to some great music.

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