We had an awesome time at the cigar box guitar festival in Boissy sans Avoir in France and I was really honoured to be part of the line-up, which included LeadFoot, The Slim Panatellas, Les Fabuleux Blousy Bone Shakers, and with input from James and Delbarjo. The organisers, TheoMojo and Phillip, put in a lot of time, creativity, and effort to pull off a fabulous event. As they have said, a festival is born. And I intend to get back there again too.


Sound check jam with LeadFoot



Playing a few tunes by the stall

The town of Boissy sans Avoir is beautiful and being just outside Paris really accessible. The festival-goers were really into all the different types of music that the cigar box guitar produces. The

bands covered a wide range of styles, including punk, blues, country, folk, and Scottish jigs. The appreciative audience lapped it up.


Boissy sans Avoir


Some of the CBGs at the festival


TheoMojo, me, Phillip

The Slim Panatellas




Phillip's guitar - he used the back of a microwave

The organisers are producing a DVD of the event taken from hours of footage. I’ll put up more info as it becomes available.

For those wanting more info about the festival, check out its facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BSA-CBG-Festival/177182062417508?fref=ts.

I’m now in Copenhagen and I played a gig at the Mojo Blues Bar the other night. I’ll

have some footage up on my video section in the next couple of days. Great little venue. Some professional footage was shot of that

gig too and when it’s up, I’ll let you know.


Poster for my gig at Mojo Blues bar Copenhagen


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