I've been on Ios in the Greek islands, for about a week now. Ios. I first

came here in 1987 and have been back a number of times since to work and to play. But I haven't been back for seven years so it's nice to return to see old friends and make new ones.

This trip is very special as it's the first time i have come with my children. They are loving it.

It is also the first time with CBGs and i have already played a few times and everyone loves them. The word is out.

Two nights ago, I played a brilliant sunset gig with my old mate, 'the Minister' from Denmark, at a winery on the island of Sikinos. The cigar box guitar went down a

treat. I have also had a few gigs on Ios where people are blown away by this unique instrument. The Greeks, particularly, love the three string slide.

I am off for a jam with a bouzouki player tonight.

We are here for another few weeks before heading to Paris for some more fun.

I've started a Facebook page, McTrustry Cigar Box Guitars, if you are that way inclined – https://www.facebook.com/McTrustryCigarBoxGuitars

Milopotas beach, iOS

View of the village at sunset

Sunset gig at winery, Sikinos

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